Friday, December 18, 2015

Color Changing Christmas Trees On Top Of My Microwave

Content submitted by: Barbara Weiner

This is my first time in my life when I decorated for Christmas.  I don't know why, I just never had the interest to decorate anything before until I spent months caring for my beloved grandma this year. I realize I'm not feeling much holiday spirits as I used to when I was living with my expatriates parents in a glittering metropolis overseas.  I think the fact that my beloved granny has been tormented by sickness this year also makes me feel the need to cheer up my ugly and depressing rental.  I need that little holiday distraction from worrying so much about my granny.

I found this acrylic tree sets in a grocery store for only $9.99.  I just couldn't resist the price.  I immediately knew I wanted to put the trees on top of my microwave when I saw them.  I have been very happy with the gradual color changing effect because there is nothing flashy about it. Beautiful colors are changing in a calm, slow and gradual pace that it is just absolutely gorgeous. The photo I am showing above is a fast paced display of multiple photos I took of the trees.  It's not the actual color changing speed.  I really adore these beautiful Christmas trees.  I think they are also available at

Notes from the editors: Are you currently living in a small apartment where you only have a small corner to dedicate your holiday decorating? If so, please share your photo and decorating tips with us and we will send you a beautiful poinsettia table runner if we decide to publish your photo and story. Please click here to contact us for photo submission guidelines.

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