Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Poinsettia Decor Makes My Micorwave In My Living Room Look Less Awkward

Content submitted by: Barbara Weiner

Back in mid December, I had purchased a poinsettia table runner for my buffet that houses the microwave I moved out of my tiny kitchen.  I am generally happy with the table runner and it does look very pretty.  I just wish I had purchased it later because the price had dropped a couple bucks a few days after I ordered it. I also wish that the runner could be longer so I could drape over the sides of my buffet.  It was my fault though because I didn't really look at the measurement of the runner before hand, and neither did I measure my buffet.   Overall, I am still quite happy with how my buffet looks right now.  I also love the Poinsettia plant I bought from Trader Joe's at only $2.99 (per pot). Thanks to the poinsettia decor, my microwave is now much a less eye sore in my rental's living room.

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