Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Scene On Top Of My Microwave

Content submitted by: Barbara Weiner

Living in a rental, I don't have the luxury to have a mantel for any holiday decoration.  But I do have a microwave that I reluctantly relocated to the living room so I can have a small counter space in my kitchen for food prep. The more I look at the blank microwave sitting in the living room, the more it bugs me.  So I use double tape and invisible tape to secure a small holiday scene on top of the microwave to make it look less boring.  I got the snowman on the swing from a Japanese discount store for $1.50, and I folded a min origami gift box (free origami paper borrowed from my Chinese friend)  to store all my loose dimes.  My Chinese friend who is into Feng Shui told me that my holiday scene will bring happiness (the happy smiling snowman) and prosperity (the gift box filled with money and the color changing Christmas tree sets) to me in the coming year.  I sincerely hope that my Chinese friend is right because I do need the prosperity to move me to a decent home so I can be happy.

Notes from the editors: Are you currently living in a small apartment where you only have a small corner to dedicate your holiday decorating? If so, please share your photo and decorating tips with us and we will send you a beautiful poinsettia table runner if we decide to publish your photo and story. Please click here to contact us for photo submission guidelines.

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