Monday, January 19, 2015

Mesh Pencil Bags For Storing And Organizing Miscellaneous Essentials

Colorful Mesh Pencil Bags Home Storage
These mesh pencil bags aren't just great for keeping pencils, they are great  for storing cords of electronics,   supermarket and drugstore membership cards, coupons, take-out menus, etc, etc.  Items can be organized by color of the bag. The mesh window allows the contents to easily be seen.  Cardboard label tags can also be added to I.D. the contents.  Put the mesh bags in the cubby of the  wall mounted memo organizer and you won't have to go crazy looking for that coupon for pizza delivery again. A pack of 5 bags for $9.99.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Multi-Functional Memo Board Helps Organize Life On One Single Spot On The Wall

wall mounted memo board organizer
We love this memo board that can get our weekly to-do list, schedules, mails, notes and keys, all on one spot up on the wall.  We also love that we can easily paint this into the color that matches our home decor. $33.99 & Free Shipping.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bright Storage For The Small Entryway

blue turquoise storage shelf bookshelf

In every small home, there is always that narrow entryway or small back end of a narrow hallway that is left empty because it's too small for most furniture.  It often becomes the neglected tiny spot in the home.  The above blue book shelf ($117.98), when stocked with the following storage bins (2 for $11.69), can provide not only great storage but it can also brighten up that obscure little spot along that narrow entryway or the back end of that narrow hallway.

Yellow Storage Bins

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tips On Getting Organized For 2015

Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications: Secrets of Getting Organized 2012 Back Issue

Whether it's the new year of 2015 or 2012, certain tips of getting our home clutter free always hold true. Here is the home organization tip from the editor of the 2012 issue of the above magazine: