Friday, April 15, 2016

My First African Marigold

Content submitted by: Barbara Weiner

I'm never a patient person, and growing flowers from seeds takes too much patience.  While waiting for my Mexican sunflowers to sprout from seeds, I became restless and wanted to see some flowers in my ugly weedy patio.  I had wished that the dandelions would take over the patio and crowd out those grassy flowerless ugly weeds. But it just isn't happening. There were only a few dainty dandelions and they didn't seem to be spreading. They flowered, they died and then nothing.  I have no idea why many people hate dandelions so much and often take extreme measures to use chemical to kill them.   I will never want any chemical in my patio, even though it's only my rental.  I had made a pact with my landlord to not send his gardeners to my place. I rather have a patio filled with weeds than having a barren toxic and chemical soaked patio right outside my living room.   Besides, I kind of like the dandelion's dainty and delicate yellow flowers.  I would love to see them blooming all over the patio.

After watching the video on how Marigolds are the easiest plants to grow for spring, summer and fall, I picked up one wilting African Marigold plant that had only one yellow pom-pom flower for $1.00 when I was shopping for grocery.  I guess it was $1.00 because it wasn't looking too good and the grocery store just wanted to get rid of it.

I brought it home and I just put it in the the same hole where I dug out the dead dandelion plant. That was over a week ago. I have been watering it every other day (without using fertilizer). Now  I am seeing a couple new flowers starting to bloom....  Not bad for $1.00.

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