Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Putting Microwave In The Living Room

Content submitted by: Barbara Weiner

My kitchen in my rental is tiny with very limited counter space.  After putting my microwave (which I use all the time) on the kitchen counter, there is absolutely no space for prepping food for cooking. It used to drive me crazy.  I've been putting up with it for years though.  After returning home from caring for my grandma, I decided life is too short to not change the unpleasant element of my tiny kitchen. So I bought a buffet with stainless steel top ($366 + 49.83 assembling fees + free shipping) to put in my living room where I am putting my microwave now.  There is a version that has wood top which is only $290.59.  But I like stainless so I splurged on getting the stainless steel top. I also paid for the assembling service because I am not strong enough to lift the pieces alone and also assemble the buffet. My buffet is just like the product photo except that mine is rather plain looking now because I have yet to put pretty bowls and wine bottles in it. Moving the microwave to the living room really frees up space in my tiny kitchen.

Notes from the editors: Do you live in a small space and  have a photo of your microwave placement that you want to share with us? If so, please click here to contact us for photo submission guidelines. If we decide to publish your photo and story, we will send you a beautiful floral arrangement gift.

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