Monday, October 5, 2015

Touring The Romantically Decorated Irish Castle

This is such an incredibly beautiful castle.  The family that owns it for 700 years is now selling it and its total 350 acres lot for only 6.5 million pounds. This is extremely cheap considering that a much smaller, tasteless and ugly mansion in Los Angeles typically costs much more than this.  We aren't Irish, but we feel  sad to think of the possibility that such a beautiful and historical castle will end up in the hands of non-Irish foreigners.  It will be a tremendous loss to Ireland if only this castle is remodeled in any way that it will be rid of its cultural heritage and historical artifacts.  Hopefully, the next owner of this castle will take great care in preserving the originality and historical heritage of this romantic castle. We would very much love to visit this castle whenever it becomes the next Irish museum or historical hotel. If we ever wins the Power Ball lottery, we will definitely buy this beautiful gem.  

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