Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lovely Small White Bedroom With A Hint Of Lilac

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Not everyone has the luxury to change the color of their white bedrooms.  Very often, many of us are stuck with a white bedroom because it seems it's the "color" of rental apartments and college dorms.  Most of the bedrooms in vacant homes for sale also have white walls that are waiting for the new homeowners to spend money painting over.  For homeowners who exhausted their funds on closing cost and other repairs, and for those who dread the hassle of a DIY paint job, they are also stuck with the white bedrooms like many of us, the renters.

But white bedrooms are actually a lot easier to re-decorate than rooms in other colors.  With a splash of color and a few decorative items, a dreary white bedroom presents countless possibilities for a beautiful makeover.   

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