Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Little Halloween Accent For My Granny's Beloved Tree

Content submitted by: Barbara Weiner

My granny's condo community is very dark at night.  I had lived in the city all my life, so I'm still getting used to the darkness in the evening here in the suburb.  My granny is never into decorating for Halloween due to her religious belief.  But now that I am here, she indulges my desire to add a little  Halloween sparkle to her beloved "Christmas Tree".  I have no idea what's the proper name of her tree but it just looks like a Christmas tree to me, only it's a living tree and not my plastic one back in my apartment in the city.

I bought this string lights from Amazon for  $16.99. There are 40 little ghost lights in one string and about 10 feet long.  I really love this string lights because it's  powered by AAA batteries and it comes with a remote control that has several timer settings and effect control. Each option of setting is only 1 touch.  The cool feature about this string lights is, once I press the button for, let's say, 4 hours blinking effect, it automatically turns off 4 hours later and it automatically turns back on to blink at the exact same time every day as the time I first turned it on. How cool is that!  It's so low maintenance and I just turned it on once and it operated on its own for about 2.5 weeks before the need for a change in batteries. 

My granny is really impressed by the string lights. I'm going to buy another string so I can loop the entire tree.  One string of 40 isn't enough for one 6 feet tall tree.  I think 2 strings will be better.  

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