Thursday, March 24, 2016

Small Orange Kalanchoe Plant Makes Great Spring Display

Content submitted by: Barbara Weiner

In my opinion, small apartments benefit even more from lively plants than a spacious single family house with big front and back yards.  It's because the lack of space and the high density living can sometimes feel oppressive to me.  I find that putting colorful flower plants in my apartment helps me feel so much more cheerful and lively.  I am never much a gardener but I feel lucky to have found the low maintenance and apartment friendly Kalanchoe.   Today, I bought another Kalanchoe plant at Home Depot. At only $2.98, this dainty orange Kalanchoe comes in a beautiful 2 in" ceramic pot.  It just looks so good on my bookshelf along side my yellow Kalanchoe. I love that the luscious silhouette of the dainty plant also gives a very beautiful contrasts  to my abstract oil painting. 

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