Thursday, February 18, 2016

Erica Heather Adds A Little Living Color To My 50+ Years Old Rental Bathroom

Content submitted by: Barbara Weiner

As a renter, it's not about the rent that bugs me or whether I'm missing out on investing in real estate that makes me feel envious of the homeowners. I think the biggest con for renting is that I am always stuck with an old bathroom that I don't like.  Bathrooms in rentals always look so generic, as if they are trapped in a time warp in the 60s.  I'm only guessing because my current rental was built in the 60s and my current bathroom doesn't look any different from all the other bathrooms that I had in my previous rentals elsewhere.  I have no idea of what bathrooms in the 60s really looked like since it was an era that was so beyond my generation.  Just my landlord told me my current bathroom fixtures were all original from the 60s (except for the shower door;  and the lights above the vanity).  

I always hate the old and tarnished original vanity  mirror (which I have no authority in changing). Then there is this odd vibe the entire color/decor scheme gives me, which I can't quite figure out what specifically it is that bugs me.  I feel like I have an eye sore and yet I can't pinpoint what it is that gives me the sore.  If you know what exactly is wrong in my bathroom that bugs me so, please let me know!! In the meantime, I try to add a dash of living color with the fragrant Erica Heather that I snipped off from a luscious bloom I bought from Trader Joe's for $4.49.

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